Crimson Is For Berries

Isn't this a colorful picture? John from Don't Unplug Your Hub is sharing it with us. It makes a beautiful wallpaper to use on your computer. John takes photos of nature around his home in the UK. He also writes a blog about the life and times of John Bain. Copy your wallpaper then go over to visit John. Maybe he will sing you a song while you are there.

Read further to find out how to download this wallpaper photo.

Here's how you download this free wallpaper:
  1. Click on the photo above to be taken to the download page, where you will then see the photo in its actual size.
  2. From there, just right click on the photo to bring up the menu with your choices.
  3. Select Save Image As or Save Picture As to save the wallpaper to your computer.
  4. Come back here and leave the contributor of the photo a polite thank you.
John Bain at Don't Unplug Your Hub does not write a nature blog as we think of them. His site deals more with human nature. But he is more about nature than I think he realizes. There are some wonderful pictures there. Please use the link below and enjoy yourself.

Don't Unplug Your Hub

The photos we offer here at Nature Center Magazine as free wallpaper are free only for personal use as desktop wallpaper. Each one is the property of the person who contributed it. If you would like to share a nature photo of yours for our Free Wallpaper feature, go here for details: Share A Nature Photo


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