Share A Nature Photo

Are you a nature photographer with good photos that you think the rest of the Nature Center Magazine readers might enjoy in our Free Wallpaper feature? If so, we would like you to fill out the short form that is linked below. Any photo you share remains your property. All we ask is that we be able to keep our copy for the purpose of sharing it as free desktop wallpaper for as long as we like. We will give you full credit for your photo, including a link to your website or blog in any article where it is included.

Along with your photo of at least 1024x768 in size, we would like a bit of relevant information, such as where and when you took it. Maybe a few of your thoughts and feelings at the time. The type of camera you used, and maybe the settings you used for the shot. Any relevant information you can provide is a plus. The better your provided information is, the better the chances are that the reader will follow the link to your website to find more. We are here to help you at Nature Center Magazine.

To apply to share a nature photo of your own, simply fill out the form below. First type "Share A Nature Photo" in the Subject line. Give us a link to some of your other work. Also provide any relevant information about yourself so we can credit you with the photo. We review all submissions, but we can't promise to publish them all. If we decide to post one of your photos, we will email you with details on what quality and size of photo we need and where to send it.

If you would like to write your own article for our weekly Free Wallpaper feature, or other article for Nature Center Magazine, go to this next link for details.