Lake Erie

And now for something we hope you'll really like! I've seen photos of the sky sit on desktops. I've seen flying birds. I've seen forest scenes. There are so many nature scenes that can be shown, but has there ever been just a simple photo of water that can be used as desktop wallpaper? Well, now there is! And it will look beautiful on your desktop.

Let's not talk any further. My tale has been told. Let's get to the photo, before we get old.

Read further to find out how to download this wallpaper photo.

Photo Taken by Ratty with a Canon PowerShot SX20 IS

Here's how you download this free wallpaper:
  1. Click on the photo above to be taken to the download page, where you will then see the photo in its actual size. 
  2. From there, just right click on the photo to bring up the menu with your choices.
  3. Select Save Image As or Save Picture As to save the wallpaper to your computer.
  4. Come back here and leave the contributor of the photo a polite thank you.

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  1. I can see something in the water.

  2. Ratty awesome shot. I haven't seen Lake Erie up close in a while.

  3. Thank you all for your comments. The park where I got this picture was a good place. I've only been there once. I'd love to go back again.


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