Bald Eagle

It's my extreme pleasure to bring you more of the work of Steve from Out On The Prairie. This time he brings us an absolutely beautiful scene where a Bald Eagle looks over the river watching for the right fish. Ottumwa, Iowa is known as a good place to watch eagles along the Des Moines River until March.

Through amazing pictures like this one that features the bald eagle, and through his excellently captivating stories of life on the prairie, Steve's blog, Out On The Prairie has become extremely popular since I first met him. And it has happened for him much faster than most. Part of his secret to success is his excellent promotion of his blog, doing things like contributing these wonderful photos to our Free Wallpaper feature, and enthusiastically making his presence known throughout the blogging community. It also helps that he is such an all around good guy.

Read further to find out how to download this wallpaper photo.

Photo Taken by Steve with a Sony DSC-H1

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If you would like to see more of Steve's photos, and his excellent stories, you can find them at his blog, Out On The Prairie, and even more of his photos on his Flickr site. He writes fiction that is based on the lives of his family and friends. He interviewed them to get the essence of their experiences with nature and life on the prairie.

Steve's Blog - Out On The Prairie
Steve's Flickr Site - Iowa State Parks

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  1. This picture is stunning. Thank you, Steve

  2. This is such a fantastic photo...not just of the eagle but also of the frost encased tree. Maybe one day i will capture something as amazing!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos!! That's one bird I've never seen. Maybe someday!

  4. That is an amazing photo what a great capture!


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