Fun Snowy Trivia

What do you really know about snow and winter? There are so many fun little bits of trivia that you may not already know. Now, after reading this, you can amaze(annoy) your friends with all of this knowledge. Go on and read this fun list of snow trivia. You know you want to. And maybe you might learn something.

And now on to the fun facts...
  1. 10 inches of snow melts down to the equivalent of 1 inch of rain. So an inch of rain is actually quite a lot. This ratio varies quite a bit though at times, depending on the makeup of the snow.
  2. Here is the difference between Hail, Sleet, and Freezing Rain. Hail falls in the form of chunks of ice. Sleet is frozen raindrops. And Freezing Rain is liquid rain that freezes upon contact with a surface, such as the ground or your car's windshield. 
  3. Snow can fall from clear skies if the temperature is cold enough, usually when temperatures are in single digits.
  4. A snowflake is made up of many frozen water crystals stuck together. Most snowflakes are about a half inch across, but some can get to about as big as two inches across.
  5. The reason snow is white is because visible light is white. Most natural materials absorb some sunlight, which gives them their color. Snow has so many tiny surfaces that it reflects most of that light, with no preference of color. It doesn't absorb much of that color, so it appears to be white.
  6. It's never too cold to snow, but most snowfall happens when the temperature near the ground is relatively near the warmer areas of the freezing point.
  7. It is only too warm to snow when the atmospheric temperature is higher than the freezing mark, 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Snow can still reach the ground if the surface temperature there is higher than freezing. So it can in fact snow if the official weather report says the temperature is above freezing.
  8. Snow is edible! I would only eat it if it is white. Other colors mean there may be some contaminants. In cities there are some pollutants in the snow, but usually not enough to harm anyone. Even so, some recommend to only eat it in wilderness areas.
  9. Icicles form more often on the south side of buildings. This is because there is more sunlight there during the day. This enables water to freeze and melt more frequently, forming the icicles.
  10. Snow can actually have an effect on sounds because of the way sound waves interact with the surface of the snow.

So there you are. 10 fun facts about snowy subjects. Do you feel smarter for reading them? Now go and tell your friends each of them, one by one. And then ask them if they feel smarter too. They will love you for it.

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  1. Very nice facts indeed, I enjoyed them.There is a specific muffled sound in the snow, I enjoy it on a wintery hike.

  2. I'm sure I can annoy a few friends with number 1 and 6... People are always predicting massive floods when the snow thaws or saying it's too cold to snow :-)

  3. Fun information! Anything about winter is fine with me!

  4. Fun snow facts. Too bad it wasn't as much fun shoveling

  5. hey these are great and I even learned something, thanks


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