Write For Us

Write For Us
Here at Nature Center Magazine we are always looking for good writers who can contribute entertaining and original articles. If you would  like us to consider you, please contact us. Make sure you give us details of your own website  or a link to some articles you have written.

What's In It For You?
This is an opportunity for you to gain valuable exposure for your blog or website. Submitting articles or stories for Nature Center Magazine can put your name and site link out there for all of our readers. As they come to recognize, like, and trust you, they will naturally gravitate towards your site so they can get more of your creative ideas. We don't guarantee traffic to your site; it's up to your writing to make that happen. We are here to help you show off your talents so that can happen.

What Are We Looking For?
We are looking for people who have a passion for nature in any of its forms, and want to share that passion with the world. The subject of any submission must be nature related. You don't necessarily have to be a great writer, you just have to have your own unique insight into nature. We are initially looking for guest contributors who can submit interesting nature news or original nature articles in any form you wish. We are also looking for full time contributors who can commit to at least one submission every week. Let us know which you would like to be. All contributors will begin as guests, and as we come to know you and your work we will possibly offer you a full time position as it becomes available.

A Few Rules
This is something we have to do. While we are here to help you gain exposure for your site or to help show your writing to the world, we also have a goal to make Nature Center Magazine the best it can be. These rules and guidelines are the only way we can achieve protection of your rights and ours. If you need clarification or have a suggested change of our rules let us know.
  • We are a nature magazine. That means that all submissions must be primarily about nature. This is a pretty obvious one.
  • Any article or story you submit must be your own original work. You may gather news from other sources, but it has to be in your own words and proper credit must be given.
  • You may give up to three links to your own websites at the bottom of your submitted article. They don't have to be nature related, but they will need to be approved by us. You may not advertise for any outside source in your submission. All links will have to be approved by us to be included.
  • When you submit your article or other work to us, you grant us the non-exclusive, royalty free right to publish it here on Nature Center Magazine in ways we see fit. You also grant the readers of Nature Center Magazine the right to use the story for personal, non-commercial use. You retain ownership to any article or work you submit, in the original form you submitted it in. We may include clearly marked additions to your article, which is the exclusive property of Nature Center Magazine. We also retain the right to spell-check or fix grammatical errors in any article you submit.
  • Nature Center Magazine is intended for all ages. We will not tolerate bad language, hate, or negative behavior of any kind. But the subject of certain normal animal functions is okay.
  • Our primary goal is the gentle observation of nature. We are not a political or religious magazine, so strong political or religious views of any kind are not generally welcome here. Opinions on certain nature related topics are fine, and we will assess these at our discretion.
  • We will immediately dismiss and ignore any application to write for us if the applicant ignores these rules and has clearly shown that they have not read them.

We receive article and story ideas on a regular basis. Sometimes these ideas can be very similar. If you submitted an idea to us that we could not use, but you see something similar in the future, we did not steal it from you. We are not here to steal your ideas. We are here to make a good nature magazine by showcasing the best of nature. It's highly possible that another person submitted their idea first, or it was simply considered to be better. If your first idea couldn't be accepted, try another one. We always welcome new and original ideas.

How To Contact Nature Center Magazine
After reading all of that scary sounding stuff, if you would still like to contribute to Nature Center Magazine, just fill out the form below. Start by putting "Write For Us" in the subject field. And give us a link to your own website or a link to a few articles you have written. And clearly state your intentions; let us know that you want to write for us, either as a guest contributor or as a full time contributor. Then tell us a little about yourself. That's all.