Fun In The Snow

Snow. It's the time of year for many of us to see snow everywhere we look. Most of us look at it and dream of the return of the warmth of summer. Snow seems to be associated with miserably cold weather. But some of us know that snow is something better, something wonderful, something beautiful.

"What good is snow," you ask. Well, I'll tell you. There are so many answers that I can only give you some of them. The first one is snowflakes. Did you ever get a good close look at a snowflake? Each one of them is completely unique and beautiful. It's like looking through a kaleidescope. The symmetrical shapes and patterns are simply wonderful to see. They are like beautiful little white fairies.

And it's not just being able to look at snowflakes that makes snow so good. You know what snow is made of, don't you? That's right, water! Here's a fun little activity that many of us already know. Try to catch a falling snowflake on your tongue. It's fun to chase them that way, and they taste great!

Snowman Army from Wikipedia 
If that's not good enough, have you ever made a snowman? Snowmen are like the official mascots of snow itself! You have to try this at least once in your life if you live anywhere near where you get snowfall. It's the most fun if you have some kids around to share this activity with, but anyone can do it.

And what about snowballs? Perhaps the easiest thing we can make out of snow. All you have to do is scoop up a handful of the white stuff and squeeze it until you form a ball that sticks to itself. Then the possibilities are endless! You can throw them at your friends, but not too hard. Gather a bunch of friends and have a huge snowball fight. You'll see, it's a lot of fun!

Did you ever make a snow angel? This is a lot of fun too. They are only second to the snowman as being a good snowy mascot. What you have to do is lay down on your back in some freshly fallen snow and then wave your arms and legs from side to side. When you get up, it looks as if an angel had been laying there. That angel was you!

And now for one of my favorite snow activities. Freshly fallen snow obviously doesn't last long. There are always people or animals that walk all over it. Animals are what I really want to talk about. When they walk on the snow, they leave tracks behind. We can identify these animal tracks the best when they are left in the snow. Hard summer dirt doesn't work. Mud sometimes works, but there is a lot more snow.

Rabbit tracks by Rattipedia
Even when you don't see the animal that left a track, you can find out what kind of animal lives in a place simply by identifying those tracks. And in the snow you can find out where the animal goes and what it does. And you can take your time doing it. You can't really do this when the animal is still there because it quickly runs and hides. You need the tracks for this. You can find out so much about an animal by following their tracks in the snow.

So that's our little look at snow. There are so many more things we can do with snow. Do you know any of them? You're welcome to share them with us. I'm sure they're very fun.

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  1. We looked for big drifts to hollow out and make a tunnel got through it.Have you ever went sledding on a grain shovel?

  2. We don't get much snow in North Texas, sure looks like it would be fun to have more and for a longer time.
    Snow is good.

  3. love this snowman army, and the comment they are the mascots for snow and (out on the prairie) yes I have made a tunnel out of snow drifts and used a grain shovel for a sled. great memories


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