This Bug's For You

I have some bugs here just for you. Isn't that a present you've always wanted? Well, actually they're just bees. I couldn't afford any of the other kinds of bugs, being that they are so expensive this year. I had the money for them, but I just couldn't bear to part with it. I really love money. Keep reading for even more bugs.

And I like bees more than most bugs, so these are better anyway. It's either these bees or a handful of cockroaches. I think we'll just do the bees. And no, don't ask for cockroach pictures. I don't really have any pictures. A bumblebee in mid-flight is much better anyway. Trust me!

By the way, that plant with the fern-like leaves is called Partridge Pea. I'll tell you all about them in a future post. They really had me confused for awhile. I don't know a lot about plants, and these looked like the leaves of ferns, but I was very skeptical. And now I know I was right to be, because they're not ferns.

And here is another bumblebee sucking the nectar out of one of the flowers of the partridge pea. Take a close look at the front of the bee's head. You can see him drinking it up. Cool! Just like a butterfly. Bees just love these plants, and the plants need the bees to help them reproduce. A perfect pairing.

In the same meadow I found another bumblebee. But this time it was all over this coneflower. I have a slightly clearer picture than this, but I like this one better. There are so many different flowers in the meadow here, but the city government seems to be very controlling with what grows here.

Last year there were daisies and coneflowers, and a few other very similar kinds. Some of those have survived to this year, but now the meadow is dominated by the partridge pea.


The park officials keep coming and mowing the place. It takes awhile for things to start growing again, and the bigger animals that live here have a bit more trouble hiding when they do that. Luckily the forest is all around.

Speaking of bigger animals, I think I might bring you one of those very soon. Don't worry, I have plenty more bug pictures! And while I was on my latest bug hunt in this meadow I was delighted to find so many of them. Looking for bugs is too fun to miss. See you next time!

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  1. I face the same problem as the park officials keep coming and mowing the place.

    I have difficulties to locate all my bugs and butterflies sometimes.

  2. Is the Partridge Pea invasive? It's sure pretty. Love the bee photos

  3. @Rainfield -
    Yeah, I hate when they do that, but I also found that if I get there very soon after they mow then some bugs are easier to find.

    @Country Mouse Studio -
    I don't think partridge pea is invasive, but I could be wrong. It usually grows in areas that have been recently devastated by things like fires. The place I found it was recently mowed, and I think it was grown on purpose.


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