A Mourning Dove Surprise

I take a lot of pictures of birds right outside my house on a routine basis. The opportunity presents itself so often that I have naturally been taking it. The only problem is that I used to think the only birds out there are either sparrows or starlings. They're both fun to look at, but I only need so many pictures of them at a time.

That's why when I went out and saw the sun shining off of this bird I almost left it alone. I figured the sun must be illuminating another sparrow for me. Even though I almost turned away, I realized that this shining bright sight was almost begging me to take a picture. How could I say no to that?

That's why when I got back home from the hike I had been headed for, I was very surprised when I looked at the pictures of my shining bird. It wasn't a sparrow at all. It turned out to be a mourning dove! This is now the second time I've been able to get a picture of one of these birds. And while I know they are also very common, this is the first one I've noticed outside my house.

I guess this is another example of why you should always expect the unexpected. Once, I assumed the only birds where I lived were sparrows. Then I thought I would only ever see robins with my camera. Now I'm learning that there are so many different birds out there to see. I just had to open my eyes to them.

Are your eyes truly opened to all that nature has to offer? I don't think we can ever be finished discovering all there is to see. I know I've said this before, but even living in the middle of a city isn't a death sentence to watching nature all around you. You don't even have to leave your house to see nature. I know of one person who sees more nature out her window than most people do living in the country.

Just stepping out my front door I found this mourning dove waiting for me. I almost let the opportunity go, but something told me to grab it while it was there. Now I have several beautiful pictures of this mourning dove. I gladly share some of them with you. My stories and pictures are another way for you to find nature too. Just reach out and take them.

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  1. I occasionally spot morning doves in my yard but not too often

  2. I have Mourning Doves aplenty here. In fact one is on one of my feeders as I type. Yeah...the books say they don't visit visit feeders but they apparently don't read those books. Once they when missing for weeks and I realized that I had taken them for granted. I love these goofy looking birds!

  3. The Mourning Doves in our area visit my feeders too. I first met them about 8 years ago and identified them by their unusually small heads and of course their non-stop calling.


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