Attack Of The Vampire Bats

It sounds like the title of a bad movie, but it's all true! Swarms of vampire bats attacked over 500 people in the Amazon rainforest of Peru last summer. As many as four children were killed by the bats. The bats were reportedly infected with rabies. Vaccines for the disease were given to anybody who was possibly infected.

 What could cause such a horrible event? Has nature gone insane? Not really. It's maybe more like a backlash of nature. Or more accurately, the consequences of nature when things are changed too quickly. It is believed that deforestation caused too many animals in the area to lose their homes. Many of these animals served as prey to these bats. With their food source gone, the bats resorted to attacking all that was left to them. Humans.

Who's fault was this? Did the vampire bats cause this? Were the human victims of the bats at fault? The obvious choice would be the large companies or corporations that ripped out the forests. I'm not here to lay blame though. I'm only here to tell the story. We are all part of nature. Animals. Humans. Even the large corporations that humans make. Have you ever seen the destruction that a large ant colony can cause?

The one thing we can do here though is to remember that every action has a reaction. As an individual, all I can do is remember to try to be the best individual I can. I try not to hurt another individual if I don't absolutely have to. That includes even the tiniest bug. Everything I see is part of nature, and I try to respect that. If we all remembered this one thing, maybe we could keep some of the reactions to these actions a little smaller.

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  1. "Every action has a reaction' is so true and it's unfortunate so many people don't realize it.
    Our area has quickly expanded into coyote territory so now they are snacking on the dogs and cats and people are calling for their culling.

  2. now I want to know about the destruction a large ant colony can make?

  3. This is a very unfortunate incident and it will probably be awhile before the actually cause is discovered. Bats do serve a useful purpose and most will not bother humans at all. I have watched a group of bats go after a swarm of insects late in the evening, it was very interesting to watch. There are some species of bats that are in danger from a disease (I can't remember the name) and could be wiped out. Anytime we lose a species it has an effect on us.


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