Banded Arigope Spider

The Free Wallpaper this time is of a Banded Arigope Spider. It was contributed by Steve from Out On The Prairie. Steve continues to amaze us all with his beautiful photos. I'm glad we have a continuing contributor like him here at Nature Center Magazine. This spider is a particularly beautiful creature.

Straight from Steve - "The Banded Arigope spider is huge but harmless, unless you are an insect. This was a great find while walking in a tallgrass prairie SE of Ottumwa, IA called Pioneer Ridge Nature Center. I was stalking a group of butterflies and one side tracked where I was shooting and landed in the web. The spider was busy wrapping up a grasshopper so left it alone long enough to escape."

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If you would like to see more of Steve's photos, and his excellent stories, you can find them at his blog, Out On The Prairie, and even more of his photos on his Flickr site. He writes fiction that is based on the lives of his family and friends. He interviewed them to get the essence of their experiences with nature and life on the prairie.

Steve's Blog - Out On The Prairie
Steve's Flickr Site - Iowa State Parks

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  1. Nice picture but that is one creepy looking spider.

  2. I am going to hunt for spiders and webs again on this coming Sunday!!!!

  3. Some amazing colors and patterns on that one

  4. A little scary but all the same a great shot.


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