Vapor Trails In The Sky

This week's Free Wallpaper is the first photo of the sky we have had. Sometimes we forget when we think of nature that the sky is one of its most beautiful features. So we have Tim the photographer of this beautiful photo for reminding us of this. There is something special about Tim that you might want to know, so keep reading to find out just what it is.

Tim just turned 13 years old before he took this photo. While he is quickly approaching grownup status, his age seems very young to most of us. He is a lover of nature and loves to snap pictures of all sorts of things.

And why not? I think he got his love of nature and photography from his family. His mother is a person that many of you already know. She's Tanya from Allotments 4 you! Tanya told me that Tim took this photo while they were out on a walk. They were watching the sky where the trails from two planes crossed each other. It was the only hint of life they saw for miles around as they hiked across the fields.

This photo was taken with a very simple point and shoot camera. It clearly shows that a good photo is created more from the care we take than the quality of the camera. Tim obviously likes photography, and is well on his way to becoming a very talented nature photographer. Let him know what you think about this beautiful scene. And then visit the website below to tell his proud mother how talented he is.

Allotments 4 you

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  1. I often woder where the trails are leading when I look up at them.Similar to watching clouds they can make shapes that makes us use our imaginations. One remote area I go to the trails lead in similar patterns only much higher and I often wonder if they realize what a wonderful area they are passing over.I know when I fly I think of the lives going on below me and areas I am passing.I laugh at my first Transatlantic flight I took binoculars in hopes of spotting whales, only to find out that huge oceanliners were mere specs below me. Sometimes the trails can add that special touch or accent to a photo.Just like anything you want to do well, practice makes perfect.

  2. As a sky watcher from way back, I understand your kinship with the sky. This is a great picture, Tim. Keep them coming.

  3. What a beautiful picture. It is very soothing. Thank you.


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