Swimming Canada Goose

This week's free wallpaper is a photo of a Canada goose swimming in a lake. It's a very simple photo but it looks nice on the computer desktop. And it works good for a nature theme. I see Canada geese almost everywhere I go and I'm sure many of you also do. If you like it come and get it.

This is another photo by Ratty. He took this photo on July 10, 2009 on one of his many trips to a place called Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve. He claims the geese at that place follow his every command. I'd like to see him with his goose army some day. I think it makes a good soothing picture to be used for desktop wallpaper.

Ratty used a Canon Powershot A590 IS for this photo. It's a good point and shoot camera that he says is getting a little old. The camera he uses ought to show that anybody can get good nature photos if they try.

To download this wallpaper click on the image. And in the new window you can save it according to your browser's specifications.

To see more of Ratty's work visit his blog, The Everyday Adventurer.

If you would like to share a nature photo of yours for our Free Wallpaper, go here for details: Share A Nature Photo
Please some of you readers help a guy out and share a few photos with me so I can give a link to your web site. The photos still belong to you. We just want a copy to share as desktop wallpaper. These photos are free only for personal use.


  1. Nice pic...very tranquil..and I really like the free wallpaper slideshow there is at the bottom.

  2. Twenty years ago I spent the whole foggy morning photographing a nesting pair on a pond thinking I had an extroidinary find.Now I have watched flights last over 2o minutes going over my house. I enjoy watching the families as they mature swimming in a line with one parent at the front and the other at the back.I have a duck crossing sign just three blocks away because they go both sides of a road through a series of lagoons.

  3. Very sweet shot! I love the refection.


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