Roots Aren't Just For Plants

We have a very special Free Wallpaper article today. Tanya from Allotments 4 you has contributed an amazingly beautiful photo. But that's not all! She also has a very heartwarming story to go along with it. It shows the roots of how we all become nature lovers. So keep reading. After reading this story you're sure to want more of Tanya's writing!

Roots aren't just for plants!!

I am very proud of my roots...I don't mean the sort that grow on my plants but the roots of my ancestors and the story that goes with them. We have always been working class right through the ages but I am very grateful to know that I can go out for a walk and cross the same country that my Great Great Grandparents did more than a century ago.

The wallpaper I am sharing with you today is of one of my favourite places to go walking...At the top of this hill you look down onto fields...brooks, canals...farms....and that is roads are seen and no built up areas. And it has been like this for such a long time. In that inset you can see my Great Granfather ploughing the same land that my children can still walk on today.

In this day and age of technology so many people move around and lose sight of where they came from and don't know where they originated from and so I feel very honoured to be able to cross the paths of my great great grandparents and share a little of the visions they once had in an unspoilt land.

This I wanted to be able to share with all of you.

My photo was taken on my trusty canon camera but as you can imagine I have no idea who or what took the photo of my Great Granfather ploughing the fields, I can only imagine of the sort of heavy instrument which was trudged up to those fields and how long those horses had to stand still just to get this one perfect shot.

Wasn't Tanya's photo and story fantastic! To learn more about Tanya's world of allotments and gardening visit her very interesting blog Allotments 4 you.  Let her know how much you like what she has done here on Nature Center Magazine, and read some of her other interesting stories. Go there now!

Allotments 4 you

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  1. Thanks for your kind words...hope people like the wallpaper and enjoy the story. :-)

  2. A great story. I recently came across an old picture of the horse I learned to ride on. Your words are so true. You can't go back but you do carry those times with you.


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