Fallen Tree

Hi everybody! I'm Rob, the newest contributor here at Nature Center Magazine. I asked Ratty if I could take over the Free Wallpaper feature for now. I don't have a camera of my own so I'm borrowing some of his photos until some of you begin sending me your photos.
Please do, because we would all very much like
to share a link to your website and help show off your work.

Ratty took this photo on September 6, 2009 in the middle of the forest while looking for a chipmunk. He never found the chipmunk he was looking for but he got this photo. The light is coming down on this fallen tree in just the right way. I think it makes a good soothing picture to be used for desktop wallpaper.

Ratty used a Canon Powershot A590 IS for this photo. It's a good point and shoot camera that he says is getting a little old. The camera he uses ought to show that anybody can get good nature photos if they try.

To download this wallpaper click on the image, and in the new window you can save it according to your browser's specifications.

To see more of Ratty's work visit his blog, The Everyday Adventurer.

If you would like to share a nature photo of yours for our Free Wallpaper, go here for details: Share A Nature Photo
Please some of you readers help a new guy out and share a few photos with me so I can give a link to your web site. I like Ratty's photos but some variety would help.


  1. It's a beautiful picture, and nice to meet you!

  2. Great to meet you...being a regular follower of Ratty I have seen this pic and heard this story before and it made me smile to be reminded of it. How would I let you have some of my photos for wallpaper??? I don't know if you think they would be any good but I have some shots that I love!!

  3. Thanks a lot everyone! This is the first comment I ever left!

    allotments4you - You'd be surprised at what photos I might like. If you have some shots that you love then I think others would love them too. You never know unless you try. I haven't turned anybody down yet. Give it a try. All it takes is one copy of a photo and you get some free promotion for your website. It might also encourage others to send something too.

  4. allotments4you - To send a photo click on the tab above. It will take you to a page that contains a contact form. Once I get the message I will email you back with the information on where to send your photo. Sounds complicated but it's easy.

  5. allotments4you - Sorry, when I said the tab above I meant the "Share A Nature Photo" tab at the top of the page.


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