Eastern Bluebird

For this week's Free Wallpaper we have a beautiful photo of a male eastern bluebird. This photo is brought to us by Jean from The Joy of Bird Watching and Living a Simple Life. I'm using this photo for my own desktop wallpaper right now and I can tell you that it is perfect for use as wallpaper. It's so good I don't want to switch to any other right now. Keep reading.

The bird in Jean's contribution to our Free Wallpaper feature is a male Eastern Bluebird. Jean told me that when she took this photo last fall she shot it through one of her windows. It looks as if she was right up next to this bird! This is one very good photo. I'm very impressed by her photography skill.

The camera Jean used for this photo is a Canon PowerShot SX10 IS which has a 20x zoom. This is one of the best point and shoot cameras there is. I tried one of these myself not long ago and I can tell you that it is very good. It might be the best I've ever used. She picked a good one.

You can find more about Jean's photography by visiting her blog. It's about bird watching and living simply in a camper located in rural NW Georgia. She has plenty more of these beautiful pictures to look at there and also some very good information. Ratty told me to mention that he is now a big fan of her blog too. Go look at her blog for yourself and leave her a good comment.

The Joy of Bird Watching and Living a Simple Life

The photos we offer here at Nature Center Magazine as free wallpaper are free only for personal use as desktop wallpaper. If you would like to share a nature photo of yours for our Free Wallpaper feature, go here for details: Share A Nature Photo


  1. Jean's bluebird is just beautiful. I hope to see some more of her work.

    Emma Springfield

  2. Great bluebird. Send in some more real soon.

  3. Beautiful bird. Makes for great wallpaper

  4. Great shot of a quizzical bluebird.  I don't ever see them this way.

  5. Hi Everyone, I had to download a new browser in order to post a comment.

    I appreciate the nice comments on my picture. It is a pleasure to share it with fellow lovers of Nature. I will submit more in the future.

    Rob, Thanks for the very nice write-up!:)

  6. Oh, he is a beauty and I'm switching right now :) Thank you.

  7. That is a good camera- it's the one I have, but I get frustrated at some of its failings, and I'm not having much luck learning how to use it manually.


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