Legends About Wishes

As humans we wish. We wish for health, happiness, prosperity, and all the smaller things that we think will give us those things. But a simple wish is not as powerful as a wish upon something.

The first thing most people think of is candles on a birthday cake. That does not have much to do with nature, does it"? I have other things in mind.

The heavens are a wondrous sight especially on a clear night.  You can see the stars twinkling in all their glory and the various stages of the moon. We get many wishes from the night sky. Wishing on a star can bring us good luck.

When you look at the stars at night you should pick the first one you see to wish on. That is the star that chose you; that is why you saw it first. It is very important that you say, "Star light, Star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight."

Shooting stars are also good for wishes. You must make your wish before the star disappears or it will not come true. It moght be a good idea to always have a wish ready.

A wish on the morning star could mean you were up too late or arose too early. Either way the morning star is also full of good wishes.

You can make wishes on the moon too. At the time of the full moon make a wish while watching the moon. On the night of a new moon write down no more than 10 wishes for yourself only, not for someone else. A new moon is a new start.

It is a wish in many parts of the world to wish someone enough sun. That will give them light and warmth. Illumination is a part of that wish.

Raindrops are magical things. They fall to ground washing everything they touch on the way. When rain falls against your window you might get a wish. Watch a single raindrop running down the glass. Make your wish completely before your raindrop joins with another raindrop if you want it to come true.

After the rain comes the rainbow. Wishing for wealth when you see a rainbow is common. You make your wish and follow the rainbow to its end. There you will find a pot of gold.

Dandelions are pretty yellow flowers that many people dislike because they are weeds. They do tend to take over the whole place. When they finish blooming, dandelions go to seed. That makes those pretty white puffballs. Pick a puffball. Make your wish. Then if you can blow all the seeds off the puffball your wish will be granted.

If you see a white horse make a wish quickly before you see its tail. For a black horse shake your fist at it three times before you make your wish. If the black horse looks at you you will have your wish. If you see a gray horse spit before making your wish.

Humans eat a variety of fowl. All of these birds have a wishbone. After the bird has been consumed and the bones picked dry you can take the wishbone and let it dry. Then two people will make a wish and pull it apart. Most people believe that the person who breaks off the larger piece will have a wish come true. I was told as a child that the smaller piece gave the wish and the person who had the larger piece would have it to sit on. Which is true?

It is considered to be lucky if a ladybug lands on you. You can recite; "Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home." If it flies away as soon as you have finished, your wish will be granted.

If you find dew on a morning glory wet your lips with it. Then make your wish.

Let us say you are standing under an oak tree. An acorn falls. Pick it up, turn around three times, and make your wish. Then place the acorn on your window sill for three days to seal the deal.

If you find a black feather stick it in the ground so it is sticking straight up. Then make your wish. If you find a white feather stick it into the crack of a tree. Walk around the tree three times as you make your wish. The longer the feather stays in the tree the better your chances are.

Catch a leaf falling from a tree before it hits the ground and make your wish.

A circular patch of darker green grass in the rest of the grass is a fairy circle. Stand inside the circle, turn around three times, and make your wish. You can make a wish every three days as long as the fairy circle lasts.

Whenever you open a nutshell and find two nuts instead of the one you were expecting share the second one with someone. You will both make a wish before you eat them. The first one of you to say, "Lucky nut!" gets the wish.

The first snowflake of winter is very lucky. Catch it in your hand amd make your wish before it melts.

When you see a unicorn make a wish. They are such magical creatures that your wish will come true every time. And you can make a wish every time you see it. Just keep in mind that with each wish the unicorn dies a little so do not overdo.

Stick a watermelon seed to your forehead. Make your wish before it falls off.

Three birds on a telephone wire are something to wish on.

The first robin of spring can grant your wish.

So make a wish. It might come true.

When a star is born They possess a gift or two One of them is this To make your dreams come true
When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you

                                                                                         Jiminy Cricket