Helicopters And A Squirrel

Seeds from maple trees are what my family has always called helicopters. The picture at the left is what they look like. If you pick up one or many and throw them into the air they twirl around like the blades of a helicopter as they float to the ground.

My granddaughter took a couple of huge hands full of helicopters up to her brother's room on the second floor of the house. His window overlooked the yard where the rest of us were playing. She threw all of her helicopters into the air. They caught an updraft and seemed to swirl and float forever. It was beautiful.

So one morning not long ago I peeked out my front door and there was a beautiful squirrel. I named her Fifi.

We have been having a lot of rain and thunderstorms. You can see the debris from the storm of the previous day. You can also see a lot of maple seeds which I call helicopters.

Fifi looks well-fed and healthy. I believe one of the reasons is the abundance of helicopters available for her to eat.

I managed to get a few pictures of her through the window of the door. I am not much of a photographer so I chose the photos I like best.

She mostly kept her back to me. After all she was dining. From the back you can see that she has been eating well this year.

Just look at the lush fur on her tail. Fifi must be the envy of all the ladies when they meet for tea.

She is so busy munching on her helicopters that she pays me no mind at all. The lure of her meal is too strong. After all she must eat to maintain her beautiful body and long lush tail.

I was stunned that Fifi did not notice me. I hoped she would keep snacking and not notice me taking pictures of her. At the same time I wished she would just look up to acknowledge my presence.

I do not take being ignored well. I could stand it no more so I gently tapped on the window.

Fifi briefly stopped munching and looked around a bit.

As you can see she did not let go of her helicopter. I gave up and went back into the house. I had enough of her arrogance! The next time I walked by the door I peeked out. Fifi was gone leaving only the remnants of her morning meal.


  1. Fifi is adorable and I enjoyed reading your post this morning. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for commenting. Fifi is, indeed, adorable. She actually lives in one of the trees in my yard. I often see her jumping from one to another.


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