What Am I?

Put on your thinking caps. It is time for a pop quiz. I will give you some clues. You can see how many clues it takes before you can guess what I am... if you can guess what I am. See if you can be the first to leave the correct guess in the comments section.

As always the correct answer will be included in my next article. There is no prize other than the satisfaction of knowing how intelligent you are. Good luck.

01. I come in various colors but my contents are the same.

02. I am often associated with birds, but many other living things have me too.

03. Many people think of me early in the morning but I am good all day long.

04. My outer surface has as many as 17,000 pores. I take in air and odors through these pores and at the same time I release moisture.

05. I age more in one day at room temperature than I do in a week if I am kept cool.

06. Candlers measure the size of the air cell inside me. The smaller the air cell, the higher my grade.

07. If I am fresh I will float in water.

08.  If I am raw I will wobble when you spin me.

09. A large one of me has only about 70 calories. I contain 6 grams of high quality protein. I contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals. If you are concerned about your cholesterol levels, one of me each day is not a bad thing as long as you watch your intake from other sources.

10. White chickens with white earlobes will lay white ones of me. Other colors come from hens with other characteristics.

What Am I?


  1. 1) peanut M&Ms :-)

    2) a beak

    3) coffee

    4) bacon

    5) mushrooms

    6) egg

    7) egg

    8) egg

    9) egg

    10) bantam

    1. I love your enthusiasm. Perhaps the correct guess is in there somewhere.

  2. Replies
    1. Another good guess. Check next time to see if it is the right guess.

  3. I'm guessing an egg also.
    Fun game Emma!

    1. Jean, you should know all about eggs. You have so many lovely birds at your feeders. I hope you are correct.


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