Flat Francesca

I just got the most marvelous idea from our dear friend Jean Pell at The Joy of Bird Watching. I hope you do not mind that I took it from you, Jean. It is a fun project.

Jean received a gift from her much loved granddaughter Francesca. In school Francesca drew a picture of herself. She colored it appropriately and sent it off to Grandma. Her name was Flat Francesca, a take-off of Flat Stanley, who has been around for a lot of years.

But let us begin at our beginning. Have each person (adults too) draw a picture of themselves on a piece of notebook paper. You can use lined or unlined... it will not matter much. Using crayons, or water color paints for the more artistic, clothe your drawing and color hair, eyes, etc. Name it. Mine would be Flat Emma.

Now comes the fun part. Take a nature walk, go on a picnic, or just find a pleasant place in the yard. Place Flat Whoever in a scenic spot and snap a picture.

Make sure you label each picture. If you take Flat Whoever with you often you will be amazed at the visual history you are making.

Flat Whoever can even take a side trip or two without you. Send your flat person to someone else and ask them to take Flat Whoever on an adventure with them. Perhaps you will even get some pictures from other countries.

Children will enjoy finding just the right spot for Flat Whoever to have a picture taken. Encourage their artistic senses, but make certain that they do not get into a dangerous situation. Poison ivy and angry animals come to mind.

I am going to start doing this. Perhaps a future article will show you some of the places Flat Emma is going to visit.

Jean posted some of the places Flat Francesca saw. The link is at the beginning of this article. It looks like she had a good time. I would love to know how your Flat Whoever does.

The correct answer to What Am I? is:AN EGG. Congratulations to all of you geniuses who were right.


  1. Emma, I am honored that you liked my Flat Francesca post. I had not thought about making one of myself. I can see this spreading out across the blogging world and beyond. I would love to have Flat Emma and Flat Ratty come for a visit. I really like the idea of Flat Jean visiting y'all and others. This could be a brunch of fun. Perhaps we could post a link here to the Flat Whoever's visits.
    BTW...today I had to mail Flat Francesca back to my granddaughter's 2nd grade class along with my photos and text. Gee...I am already missing Flat Francesca!

    1. What a wonderful idea! I will contact Ratty and Copas. Maybe we can all come for a visit! We would love to have you come to see us too. As far as Flat Francesca, maybe the real Francesca could suggest that her teacher set up a site to see where all the "Flats" visited. I know that she has to be careful in these times of sick people but there must be a way to do it.

    2. I would also love to have Flat Copas join you and Ratty for a flat visit to NW Georgia.
      I will suggest to my daughter to suggest to the real Francesca's teacher about a special "Flat" website. I'm not sure that will be a go due to many factors i.e. budgets/security issues.
      We should be free to have a fun Nature project for kids and/or adults who are young in mind without the riff-raft nonsense! SO... we can create our own website to educate our young about nature with our Flat "nature loving folks". Why not? BTW...we could create a children's book with this project.

    3. As long as there is no way any children are put in any danger I'm all for it.


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