Tales From The Everyday Adventurer: Down A Dark Path

Today we'll visit a tale from one of my earliest adventures. This story is a little bit fiction and a little bit reality. It's always fun to mix both together to make a fun little story. I hope you like it...

As I stepped off the bridge, I knew this place was like another world. Back from where I came, it was a bright and sunny day. Here, it was as if night had fallen. Right then, I missed the sound of the singing birds.

There were birds here, but the sounds that came from these were strange and unpleasant. The green grass was now gone, and I was left with a dark, damp, dirt path. The warmth in the air was gone here, and I could smell the damp earth and the decay of the dead plants.

Ahead of me was an old rotted tree trunk lying across the path to block the way. It was like an eerie omen of things to come, and a warning not to go on. I thought to myself, "I'm the Everyday Adventurer, why should I turn back now?"

Suddenly, out of the quiet darkness came what sounded like a giant cricket. I stopped to listen, and realized it was just another strange bird high in the trees. After identifying the weird sound, I moved forward and stepped over the fallen tree and began to head down this dark path.

Hey you! Yes you, reading this. If you want to find out what happened next, find this path for yourself. You'll find something on it you've never seen before. It's definitely an interesting experience. But before you go, make a comment about what you've read here. Let me know your thoughts.