A Nature Walk With: Millie's Frog Blog

Millie is an exceptional little girl who is just beginning to be a part of the blogging world. She has her own blog page as a part of Frog Blog Manchester.

I am certain that you remember Andrew Gray who told us about his Vivarium. He recognized Millie's abilities and offered her space on his blog to have her very own page. As you read on you will see why. Today we are taking a Nature Walk with Millie's Frog Blog.

01. Welcome to Nature Center Magazine. We are all anxious to learn a little bit about you. Tell us what your blog is all about.

My name is Millie Hearsey, I'm 8 years old and I live in England. My blog is all about frogs, amphibians and how much I love all of them. My favourite sort of frog is a red eyed leaf frog. I write lots of stories about frogs and like to draw and paint pictures of them. I am going to be sharing all of these on my blog which I've just started.

02. Everyone has their own unique story about what gave them the idea to start blogging. What is yours?

My Mummy wrote to Andrew Gray, a frog expert, asking him if he would give me a tour of his Vivarium. We sponsored a red eyed leaf frog, Andrew kindly let us visit and I got to hold my frog! Andrew then asked me if I'd like to have my own page on his blog to share my love of frogs with other children. I was so excited when he asked me!

03. What do you enjoy about nature and what benefits do you derive from it?

I think nature is fascinating and I love all animals. I love them so much that I'm a vegetarian and so is my whole family, Mummy, Daddy and my brother Jay. My grandparents live in Barbados and when I'm visiting them I love to explore and find as many creatures as I can. At night time there we sometimes go out into the garden to search for frogs. There is a tiny one there that makes a loud beeping noise but he's only the size of a grown-up's finger tip!

04. Each of us has our own way of being with nature. Some people hike, some take pictures, and some climb trees. How do you experience nature?

I like searching and looking around for animals. It's fun lifting things up to see what's hiding underneath. I love climbing trees to get to a higher point to see a long way and spot places I could find creatures. I really love snorkelling, I'm so lucky to have been swimming with turtles and beautiful fish. I'm a member of the RSPB, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and love to go bird watching. In my garden I have a climbing frame we call the Tower of Terror and it's a great spot to bird watch from. You have to stay very still and I use a 'monocular' which is like binoculars but with one lens because it's easier. I had some tadpoles which we made a nice home for. They grew into beautiful froglets and hopped away. There was one froglet who stayed with us. He was special in two ways. He was the only one left and he only grew one front leg! We called him Lego! We took him back to the pond where he came from and let him go. He might still be there now, I hope so.

05. Tell us about the most exciting or scary nature related thing that ever happened to you.

The scariest thing that happened to me was in Barbados. I was snorkelling on a coral reef when all of a sudden I was surrounded by a swarm of jellyfish. They were clear with four purple dots in the middle. My brother Jay started screeching and man on a jet ski came to see what was wrong. He said that the jellyfish won't do you any harm because they have no sting, you can even hold them if you like. They weren't supposed to be there but had been washed in by a storm. We got out of the sea and found a few of them in the shallow water to pick up. They didn't sting us but the one I felt was all squidgey and I screamed and threw it back in.

06. If you were to take us on a nature tour of your area where would you take us first?

There are some woods behind our house and a nice area of wild land.

Describe what we would see.

In the woods there are lots of fungi, bird feeders and rabbit & badger holes. We have a lot of Red Kites, a beautiful bird of prey that used to be very endangered. Close to where we live people looked after them and released them back into the wild. Now we have loads of them. Just behind our house is a specially made lizard home. When they built some new houses near our house they had to move the lizards to a new home as they are protected. I'm lucky that they are right behind me!

07. If you could visit any nature spot in the world, what would it be? Tell us why.

Costa Rica, definitely! There are loads of amphibians, birds and reptiles there that I would love to see in the wild.

08. Each blogger has gained their own insight into writing a blog. What have you learned that you would like to share with other bloggers?

Not applicable to Millie as she has only just started her blog! Although she has had some replies which is a real thrill for her...Kelly x

09. Where can our readers find you? Give us the name and a link to your blog. If you have more than one to share, we would all like that too.

My page is part of the Frog Blog Manchester - http://frogblogmanchester.com/about/millies-page/

10. Is there anything we have not discussed that you would like to add?

Please would other children from around the world send me messages on my blog, it would be lovely to hear from other people who love nature. I would like to know about them too!


Thank you for taking a Nature Walk with us, Millie. I hope that you will hear from many of our readers. I had a delightful time.

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