Light The Chrismas Tree With Eels

Are you tired of those high electric bills at Christmas? Do you have to cut back on the rest of your budget because Christmas power bills are so big? Looking for a way to cut those costs? Well I do I have a deal for you.

Seriously, the folks at The Living Planetarium in Sandy, Utah, have an unusual way to light up the lights on their Christmas tree. They're using eel power.

For the past three years they have connected their lights for the tree to electrodes on the eel's tank. The eel's name is Sparky.

Now an electric eel is not an eel. It's really a cousin to the catfish. It lives in tropical environments. What makes this fish we call an eel so different is that it gives off a powerful electric charge.

The electric charge given off by an electric eel has been measured at 500 volts and 1 amp (500 watts). This is powerful enough to kill a man under the right conditions. It's been known to knock a horse over.

So Sandy, the electric eel, is powering the Christmas Tree in Utah. He doesn't give off continual electricity so he controls the blinking of the lights. You won't need a separate blinking mechanism.

Now you know the way to save on your utility bill. Just get an electric eel of your own and let him take care of the rest.

Merry Christmas to all.


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