Tales From The Everyday Adventurer: Alice Caught The Rabbit!

I was sitting at home peacefully watching TV yesterday, when suddenly my front door burst open! Before I could even turn my head to look, I heard little girl laughter. As you have already guessed, Alice had returned!

The first thing she said was, "I caught the rabbit! I caught the rabbit!" Then she began laughing again. As I sat there staring at her in confusion, Alice and her guest, Mother Goose walked in all the way. After a few more seconds, I finally asked her what she was talking about. She told me that before they came here she took some pictures of a rabbit, and she wanted to let me know that I was wrong.

I asked her what I was wrong about. So she told me that I said she couldn't catch a rabbit, but she did it. The last time I was with her, and she chased a rabbit, I stopped her from running into the woods after it. Here's a link to that from one of my earliest posts featuring Alice, and it's one of the incidents where I found out that she was from Wonderland: Down The Rabbit Hole

Alice then asked if she could write another post, so she could tell everyone about it. I told her that she could write part of a post, and I would write the rest. So this was my part. The next part is another special message from Alice, along with her pictures of the rabbit that she caught.

Hello again. In case you were wondering it’s Alice again! I have a special story for you. First I want to tell you, Ratty was wrong about me not being able to catch the rabbit!

Mother Goose and I were walking along, and I looked over in the bushes and spotted a little rabbit sitting there. I pointed it out to Mother Goose. We both agreed that it was the rabbit from my home in Wonderland!

I had Mother Goose give me the camera, and I took four pictures of him. Two pictures are better than the other two. The rabbit kept moving so it was hard, but I managed to get him. So it couldn’t have been too hard. There were two nice people that waited for me to take the picture. The whole time all I thought was I have to get that rabbit so I can prove Ratty wrong!

It was early evening and dark. I didn’t want to scare him so I turned the flash off. His eyes were red when I looked through the camera and now they look like they are glowing. He really blended into the ground so that’s why the picture is so dark, but I still was determined to catch him and I did!

Okay, that's her story. After she emailed it to me, I fixed her grammar just a little bit and made the photos a little easier to see. She says that she caught that rabbit, and even though I'm still skeptical about it, Ill agree that she did. What do you think? Did she catch it?


  1. Well they do say: Caught on camera, and that is definitely a rabbit!

  2. A delightful read ... and they do say the camera doesn't lie.

  3. I love to see the rabbits and hares in the fields. We have many around where I live and as the foilige dies down for the winter it is easy to spot them frolicking about hunting for food and trying to stay warm!!


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