Tales From The Everyday Adventurer: King Gary Gander

We've already seen The Everyday Adventurer in a thrilling encounter with a flock of geese. Here is the king of them all, Gary Gander. How do I know his name? Because I named him. If you have a better one, give it to me.

After the others got tired of me (I know, it's hard to believe.), this lone performer stayed right with me to the end. He followed along as if he were my best friend. He even did a little dance for me, so I would keep the camera on him and him alone. I must say, it worked like a charm. King Gary Gander was the star of the show.

Here he is in the middle of his spectacular Dance of the Golden Goose Egg. No, he didn't do a back flip or anything like that, but he did swing his head from side to side. I would tell more, but you had to be there. He stopped in the middle one time, to admire the big rock behind him. Maybe he thought it was a big goose egg. The size and those edges would have hurt the biggest goose.

Take a bow, Gary.

After a great performance, I think Gary realized he was the star of the show. But was he the only one? ...There was another!


  1. When we went to the coast a few years ago we took a walk around some lakes and there were lots of birds there and you could buy seed from the booth to feed them. There were also geese and one of them was very adamant it was having the seed over all the others so much so that it chased my nephew who was so scared just kept running in circles...we did shout for him to drop the bag but it took a while for him to hear us...probably becasue we were laughing so much!

    1. That's funny. I've seen geese do that before. They can be pretty persistent sometimes.

  2. I adore Geese. They are entertaining.:-)


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