Editor's Notes: September 3, 2012

It's been several months since I updated you about the comings and goings here at Nature Center Magazine. In our last editor's notes we introduced our new way of doing things, along with a new type of articles. So far this has been a great success, and people seem to agree with our new system.

And now, after a few small changes to Nature Center, we have decided on a whole new easier to read and more beautiful look to the whole magazine. We are now truly set up like a magazine now. The older blog look was fine, but this new magazine look is able to focus on the articles in a much better way.

With this big change we have eliminated all of those messy and useless sidebar and footer distractions that you might find on many other sites. We did a few tests, and we found that you would rather just get right to the articles than bother with all of that other extra junk. We still have a sidebar area for simple navigation of the site, but it is kept off to the right side where it won't interfere or distract.

There are also many easy and interesting ways to view and browse the site now, so you will most likely have little need for any other navigation help from the sidebar. You can check out these different views on the left side of the top navigation bar.

Our new search box at the top is also much improved. You will now receive results of your search in a list as soon as you type your search term. You will also instantly be taken to the latest matching article on the site. This new search feature is a really fun way to browse Nature Center Magazine. I'm sure you'll like it.

Also, when we changed to our new look, we tried to keep the general look of the site the same as it was before, but in the end we had to change a few things. We did this for the sake of beauty and readability. The old white theme just didn't look quite as good with the new magazine look, so we decided to go with a new darker, greener look to the background. This turned out to be a great idea because I believe the site now looks much better than before. It now has a beauty and readability that it never had with the old way.

So try out the new navigation features, including the search. I think you'll like the way it all just works. Once you've had a look around, and maybe read an article or two, let me know in the comments section what you think of the new and improved Nature Center Magazine.