A Nature Walk With: Natural, Scientific and Medical Wonders

Using plants as medicine is a fascinating subject. At Natural, Scientific and Medical Wonders, Dr. Thirunavukkaran helps us learn more about the science of herbal medicine. He also shares his experiences in all areas of nature. We get an inside view of his part of the world. The doctor touches on so many nature related topics that you will just have to read his blog to appreciate him. Before you do, we are going to take a nature walk with Natural, Scientific and Medical Wonders.

01. Welcome to Nature Center Magazine. We are all anxious to learn a little bit about you. Tell us what your blog is all about.

I am a Modern medicine practicing doctor. My blog posts are intended to convey to its readers the wonders in Nature that are abundant and go unnoticed by humans.

02. Everyone has their own unique story about what gave them the idea to start blogging. What is yours?

I was then already writing to dailies till I learnt about Blogging in a daily. Now I am free to give my readers my experience without any external editing - through blogging.

03. What do you enjoy about nature and what benefits do you derive from it?

I enjoyed, enjoying and shall enjoy Nature. I wanted to share my enjoyment with others - through my blog posts to my readers at least. These are the benefits to me and to others.

04. Tell us about the most exciting or scary nature related thing that ever happened to you.

Then I viewed 'Ball lightning' on my window during a thunderstorm. Today I saw a snake climbing on guava tree to catch a squirrel. The snake's presence was alerted by a Mynah's call!

05. If you were to take us on a nature tour of your area where would you take us first?
Describe what we would see.

Nowhere. Because, you could see enough of Nature's activities within house or from house as I saw the snake today. But Nature is prevalent everywhere. So, I shall tour with you to the nearest village and the farthest Western Ghats - a few places, as there are numerous in India itself.

06. If you could visit any nature spot in the world, what would it be? Tell us why.

I want to visit either Costa Rica or the Amazon forests.

07. Each blogger has gained their own insight into writing a blog.What have you learned that you would like to share with other bloggers?

Express your own opinion neatly and attractively to convey it without any block in its flow to reach the targeted readers as such, as opined without any change in it. This is my experience with blogging that I want to share with other bloggers.

08. Where can our readers find you? Give us the name and a link to your blog. If you have more than one to share, we would all like that too.

I can be found in my blog  in a picture near About Me or find me in Skype or in Aruppukottai, South India in real time.
Or you can identify me by reading my blog, Natural, Scientific and Medical Wonders and also in my other blogs, Web & Computer Users and Kindling Thoughts

09. Is there anything we have not discussed that you would like to add?

I want to make all the humans in the world to know about the Nature's presence and influence near or far. Though there are many media for it, I feel that we, bloggers, can do much more than that they can do. Shall we unite in that effort? I believe in it and expect it to happen soon.

-- Dr.D.Thirunavukkarasan


Thank you, Dr. Thirunavukkaran, for sharing a walk with us. I wish I could have been with you when you saw the ball lightning. I am sure our readers are anxious to visit your blogs.

Do you write a nature related blog and you'd like to be interviewed by Nature Center Magazine? Click the link and let us know who you are and that you'd like to be featured in a Nature Walk: Interview Me.


  1. Thanks a lot for the appreciation of my blogging and giving me a chance to share with your readers my experience with Nature now, and next through my blog posts.

    1. We are pleased to share your experiences. I have always been interested in using nature instead of processed medicines when possible. I have learned a great deal from your blog. Thank you for walking with us.


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