A Nature Walk With: Rainfield61

He is the Indiana Jones of Malaysia. He talks to trees. He visits with spiders and is allowed to photograph their webs. He knows fairies and Alice from Wonderland. He is Rainfield61. Rainfield has a marvelous sense of humor which he shows when describing what he sees as he climbs his mountain and explores his jungle. Today he is taking a nature walk with Nature Center Magazine.

01. Welcome to Nature Center Magazine. We are all anxious to learn a little bit about you. Tell us what your blog is all about.

I am weird as well as funny, which is well reflected in most of my blog posts. I go hiking almost every weekend, and I love photography, and thus I always enjoy taking pictures along my hiking trails. I also talk to trees, birds, and other critters in the jungle.
I never intend to keep all these to myself, because I am not selfish too. So these are all you can enjoy, together with me, while visiting my blog.
If you are lucky, you will turn weird and funny at the end, but not selfish at the same time.

02. Everyone has their own unique story about what gave them the idea to start blogging. What is yours?

I started blogging after climbing Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia. I thought I had achieved something very great, and was desperate to share it with everyone. Yes, I always think it was great, though many may not agree.
Since then, I am addicted, and the ball keeps rolling.

03. What do you enjoy about nature and what benefits do you derive from it?

This basically goes back to the benefits of hiking. As I have mentioned in one of my blog posts, I once discovered a secret of the giant ants living in Cerok Tokun: a small hill and my weekend playground. They sort of evolved and made their way to take over our world. I was smart enough to take the opportunity to be friend with them for the safe future of my next generations.
This is only one of the benefits. I can always find uncountable pots of gold over there.
I can say, hiking is not only a normal exercise activity, it is more than that. You can know more if you are my loyal follower.

04. Each of us has our own way of being with nature. Some people hike, some take pictures, and some climb trees. How do you experience nature?

Like what I have said earlier, I do many things at one time: hike, take pictures, talk to trees and critters, and enjoy the view.
But the talking part is tricky and that drives me crazy. Those trees and critters have been personified and can always talk and think much better than me. But anyhow, the feeling is good, as all the dialogues are planned by me.

05. Tell us about the most exciting or scary nature related thing that ever happened to you.

I heard an old and big tree talking to me when I first started to hike. The old tree squeaked and groaned repeatedly while wind was blowing. I was alone in the jungle at that time. As both of us, me and tree, had not approached each other before, this was a creepy experience actually.

06. If you were to take us on a nature tour of your area where would you take us first?

Almost all of my blog posts talk about Cerok Tokun, a hill that is so ordinary in the eyes of many people, but not of an old and weird people like me. There are many hiking trails over here, from easy to hard, from short- two hours trip, to half a day long treks.

Describe what we would see.

It is a place that can only be beautiful when someone starts to slow down, and appreciates those that have been long neglected. I can see seas of mushrooms that spread out on my hiking treks, ferns that talk about symmetry, spiders with their webs ever ready to be caught by my camera while waiting for visiting preys, creeks that flow through pages of history, MengKuang Dam that keeps changing in different weathers. The list can go on, as long as you are still curious, and ready to observe.

07. If you could visit any nature spot in the world, what would it be? Tell us why.

I have dreamed about Tibet for a very long time. It is a perfect place for soul searching, and a place that is full of endless excitement because of its natural beauty.
I am planning, and am still planning.

08. Each blogger has gained their own insight into writing a blog. What have you learned that you would like to share with other bloggers?

After some times into writing, I told my son my blog will be his in future, and this will go on to the next generations. How great it will be as we manage to keep our foot prints behind vividly after we have left.
This is a place I can talk about anything, freely and at any time.
I can still talk even when I am not around. This is the beauty.

09. Where can our readers find you? Give us the name and a link to your blog. If you have more than one to share, we would all like that too.

You can always find me, at any time, at MyJourney (http://www.rainfield61.blogspot.com). Please knock before coming in, please laugh out loud while you are leaving.

10. Is there anything we have not discussed that you would like to add?

I am from Penang, a small Island in Malaysia.
Penang is a historical place famous for her foods and cultural heritage. Penang welcomes you.

Thank you, Rainfield61, for sharing a walk with us. You always put a smile on my face. I laugh out loud as I am leaving. Each reader will do the same as they leave after visiting your blog.

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  1. Oops, I am on air being interview by Nature Center Magazine.

    Yes, I am.

    But the critters, the trees etc at Cerok Tokun are not.

    They must envy me.


    1. Actually I envy the critters and trees because you interview them every day.

  2. hehehe, I thoroughly enjoyed this post, and I am always amused and amazed with rainfield's humor, deep philosophical thoughts and photography. so nice to learn more about rainfield. love what he said about his conversation with the trees: "the feeling is good, as all the dialogues are planned by me."- haha, i do that a lot of times with seals too, the conversations are planned by me, hehe!! i also love his idea of passing on his blog to his son, indeed, we are leaving our footprints behind in our blog.

    1. You can see why his blog is so popular. The idea of leaving our footprints behind in our writings is appealing to most people. Thank goodness for the internet. It not only allows us to leave those footprints but we also get to know people like Rainfield who is around the world from me.

  3. I have followed Rainfield for years and so much enjoy not only his sense of humor but wonderment and the respect he has for nature and all it's living creatures. He never ceases to make me smile when reading his blog posts. I love traveling Cerok Tokun through his eyes. Great interview.

    1. You said what I have been trying to put into words. Thank you.

  4. He is odd, and he is weird to many people, but that is what made him, Rainfield! I love his photos and his perspective in seeing things, captured them and share them with an amusing sense of humor. In a way, I learn to accept his way of "writing/talking", and go along for a fun ride. He doesn't know this, but his post always gives me a smile! (Sheees..now he knows :-)

    1. His posts do make you eel good. I believe that he enjoys being a little "weird". That I understand because I pride myself in being weird myself.

  5. Rainfied61 always have wonderful pictures and stories to share from his hike. All the critters he encounters come to life for his readers.

    1. How true. I am very fond of his spider web pictures. he has such patience.

  6. I always enjoy Rainfield's unique images and stories. His observations are so entertaining I am encouraged to look around my own surroundings with curiosity and to listen closer. :)

    1. I hope you do. You never know when you will hear a tree speak or see a deer swaying in the wind.

  7. Rainfield's has acquired a new fan.:)

    1. Wonderful. He has a great blog. I am so glad you took a look.

  8. I've been reading his posts for a while
    and I never leave without a smile
    and sometimes after laughing out loud.
    He comes at life sideways...
    and then shares with us, his readers.

    1. Coming at life sideways is an excellent way of putting it. Rainfield has a way of capturing your mind and tickling it.


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