A Nature Walk With: Out On The Prairie

One of our favorite guest contributors at Nature Center Magazine is Out On The Prairie. His blog has gorgeous photos that he takes of his part of the world. He is also a poet and he writes lovely short stories. The pictures with this article are a sample of his photography. Now we have an opportunity to get to know him better. Let's walk with Out On The Prairie.

01. Welcome to Nature Center Magazine. We are all anxious to learn a little bit about you. Tell us what your blog is all about.

When I began my goal it was to bring about awareness of a prairie beauty we have in the United States that depleted from 80% of the land to less than 1%. I have been active in prairie restoration and reclamation efforts for a number of years and met some very unique individuals whose families built up this area of the nation through many generations. I share both the beauty and spirit I have encountered while living in this area.

02. Everyone has their own unique story about what gave them the idea to start blogging. What is yours?

When I first started reading blogs many were centered around the outdoors. I saw a niche I could become part of and share both my photos and writings.

03. What do you enjoy about nature and what benefits do you derive from it?

I am part of nature with everything I do. I see a flower, bird or bug and want to identify it and learn more about them and share with others around me. I feel a wonderful fulfillment being outdoors and spend all my free time doing so.

04. Each of us has our own way of being with nature. Some people hike, some take pictures, and some climb trees. How do you experience nature?

I fish, garden, hike, climb, camp year round, paint and sketch, shoot amazing amounts of photos, and volunteer with any nature endeavor.

05. Tell us about the most exciting or scary nature related thing that ever happened to you.

Excitement can be found in small packages. I am elated to see a new emergence of a plant, a new bird, or watch the sun set or rise.

06. If you were to take us on a nature tour of your area where would you take us first? Describe what we would see.

I would take you out into the Loess Hills right in my backyard. Once you get to the top of these geological wonders one can walk for miles on top of the ridges.

One can find plants and animals only to be found in this area. The Loess Hills are only along the Missouri River in Iowa and in a small area of China so the beauty is unique to their formation.

07. If you could visit any nature spot in the world, what would it be? Tell us why.

When I travel I enjoy being in different areas from where I live so I always enjoy mountains, ocean and being on islands. One of my favorite areas was the Canary Islands where climate allowed for three crops of tomatoes and millions of bananas to grow. Going through the Alps my first time I was leaning out the train window with ooohs and ahhs, seeing some of the most beautiful geological features in the world. I still have a large list of areas to visit and areas I want to return to.

08. Each blogger has gained their own insight into writing a blog. What have you learned that you would like to share with other bloggers?

I really like to hear comments and see what my blogging community is doing in their lives. I really enjoy the friends I have made and sometimes like to rove to other sites that are being read by others who read me to find some new areas of interest. When I read a blog I like to let them know I was there.

I write what my public likes to read. I carried a series of stories for a long time taken from people I interviewed while traveling. I enjoy sharing thoughts and feeling to let others know more about my persona.

09. Where can our readers find you? Give us the name and a link to your blog. If you have more than one to share, we would all like that too.

I am Out On The Prairie, found at http://crazymountainman.blogspot.com

10. Is there anything we have not discussed that you would like to add?

I encourage everyone to look at the city, county, state and federal programs around them. Many offer a variety of outings, recreational areas and helpful ideas many overlook. I shoot for my state and many county areas as well as volunteer to assist in a variety of programs. If each of us would expand on their interests and build the world around them just a little bit, our world could become a much better place to live.

Thank you, Out On The Prairie. I enjoyed our walk. I look forward to your next post and I hope the readers of Nature Center Magazine will join me there.

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  1. I really enjoyed your interview and am a proud reader of Out on the Prairie. His entries and photos are delightful with every post.

    1. I enjoyed doing the interview, thank you. Out On The Prairie is one of my favorite blogs. You can feel his passion for nature in his pictures and writing.

  2. It was nice to take a work with out on the prairie, I have visited their site before and enj9yed what I have read there.

    1. I have a hard time deciding whether I like the pictures, stories, or poetry better. Rather than choose I just enjoy them all. Thank you for commenting.

  3. Replies
    1. The comments are in response to your wonderful interview. My wish is that the many people who read the interview have also visited your blog to experience it for themselves.


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