What Am I?

I have another puzzle for you. Some of you are very good guessers. Perhaps I am not making these as difficult as I should. I am hoping this one will give you something to ponder before you make your guess. If you would like What Am I? to be more difficult or easier I welcome input. We aim to please. As usual the answer will be posted next week. That should give you all enough time to give it a go.

01. I am most recognized by my rear end.

02. I am native to the Americas.

03. I have a broad triangular head and vertical cat-like pupils.

04. My young are born live.

05. When I am born I have a pre-button. Every time I shed my skin I add another button.

06. I eat mice, rats, birds, and other small animals.

07. I hibernate with others of my kind in the winter. Sometimes more than 1,000 of us are hibernating in one pit.

08. I have fangs that are like retractable hypodermic needles. When I bite I use them to inject my victim with venom.

09. When I rapidly shake my tail, the buttons on it rub together rapidly to give a warning sound like a rattle.

10. My bite is seldom fatal to humans but everyone needs to learn what to do if I do bite.

What am I?


  1. That was a bit too easy. Apart from the first question when I involuntarily shouted out 'A Bus!
    It was a rattlesnake wasn't it? I'm going to look silly if it isn't the right answer.

    1. Now would I make you look silly? I do hope you are right.

  2. A rattlesnake...I kind of think that one was little too easy especially with hint 9!!

    1. Perhaps number 9 pertains to something you have not thought of. Then it would be hard. Or maybe it is easy. Check in next week.

  3. Replies
    1. That is probably what someone on the prairie would guess. Check to see if you are right next week.


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