Squirrel Fight!!!

All types of squirrels can have very bad tempers. But did you ever wonder which is the meanest kind of them all? It just might be Red Squirrels, one of the smaller varieties here in the US. Smaller than most, they can really get angry when provoked. Watch as two red squirrels have a Street Fighter style brawl over a few seeds.

When these red squirrels found out there was food around they began growling at any other creature that came near! Birds weren't safe. Chipmunks weren't safe. And no other squirrel was safe from the rage of the red squirrels. Watch as the winner of the fight jealously guards all the food from any other challenger.

This video was done by me, Ratty. You can find my nature stories, pictures, and videos at The Everyday Adventurer. You can also find more of my nature videos right here at Nature Center Magazine. You can also find this and many more nature videos at my YouTube page.

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