The First Bluebird

Mountain BluebirdI remember the first time I saw a bluebird. I was in a new nature park and I saw this bright blue color flash off to my right. It landed in the tree closest to me so I lifted my camera to try and get a picture. At that moment the bluebird leaped into the air and flew away. I didn't get the picture, but I'll always remember my first bluebird.

The First Bluebird
by James Whitcomb Riley, 1849-1916

Jest rain and snow! and rain again!
And dribble! drip! and blow!
Then snow! and thaw! and slush! and then
Some more rain and snow!

This morning I was 'most afeard
To wake up when, I jing!
I seen the sun shine out and heerd
The first bluebird of Spring!

Mother she'd raised the winder some;
And in acrost the orchurd come,
Soft as a angel's wing,
A breezy, treesy, beesy hum,
Too sweet fer anything!

The winter's shroud was rent a-part
The sun bust forth in glee,
And when that bluebird sung, my hart
Hopped out o' bed with me!


  1. A beautiful critter.

    Kind regardss & happy Friday,

  2. I will never forget my first Eastern Bluebird sighting.
    Love the photo of the Mountain Bluebird and the poem.

    Oh....I must tell you again that I really like this cool template!

  3. seeing a bluebird is such a joy, the one in the picture looks so beautuful

  4. That is a strikingly beautiful birds...reminds me of the twitter bird which follows me around your page!!


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