The Decline Of The Honeybee

For several years I have been reading about the diminishing numbers in the honeybee population. It was being generally assumed that the cause was "climate change". Scientists have been studying the loss of bees that are so important to agriculture. Now they are discovering that there may be another reason

for the decline in their numbers.

Scientists have blamed climate change, reduction in the areas where wildflowers grow, parasites, and disease. Industrial beekeeping practices were also under scrutiny. The result of whatever the causes is called Colony Collapse Disorder.

Now the main culprit is believed to be pesticides. Specifically neonicotinoids. Nicotinoids are sprayed on the seeds before planting. This is to ensure a good crop that is not affected by insects such as aphids.

The problem is that the pesticide keeps on working. It is present on stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits of the plants.

We know that bees like the flowers and fruits. They collect pollen. It fertilizes other plants to propagate species of plants. It is also used to make honey and to feed the queen bee.

What scientists have learned is that the nicotinoids affect the homing system of the bees collecting pollen. They can't navigate their way home. The queen bee is not being fed and she dies. The bees who can't find the hive die.

Of course the bees in the hive are ready for this and quickly create a new queen. But guess what; there isn't enough food for her either. Without a queen, the entire hive will dissipate. If they can't find another queen they will die too.

Some scientists are calling for these pesticides to be totally banned. Others believe more studies may be needed and that use of the pesticides be cut back until studies are complete.

What are your thoughts?



  1. It's funny...they were just spraying our fields the other day and my son and I were having a conversation about why they spray and what happens. I understand the need for the farmers to have good crops in order to make money but I don't think that should be done at the expense of other creatures that do no harm. Studies should be carried out and sprays such as these banned until the problem can be fixed....we need the honey bee...without it there will be nothing left so then the farmers will be no better off. This needs sorting and QUICK!!

  2. It was an insect spray that almost wiped out bald eagles as well as many other animals. I agree that there could be a better way.


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