Wild Beasts

Panthera leoP1040182I want to be a lion. What wild beast do you want to be? Everybody has their own choice. Our nature poem this time tells us the choice of the author. It happens to be the same choice as mine. What would you do if you were a wild beast? What would anyone do? I know what I'd do, but I'm not telling until you do first. You'll have to be satisfied with the poem for now.

Wild Beasts
by Evaleen Stein, 1863-1923
from Child Songs of Cheer, 1918

I will be a lion
And you shall be a bear,
And each of us will have a den
Beneath a nursery chair;
And you must growl and growl and growl,
And I will roar and roar,
And then--why, then--you'll growl again,
And I will roar some more!


  1. That's a fun poem! Yes, I will roar and roar..

  2. What a lovely poem...a perfect one for the children to learn with lots of actions and animal noises!


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