What Kind Of Man Is This?

As the title indicates, we don't know what he is. Actually there are a whole group of him including "hers". I'd be interested in finding out what you think.

I am using he just for the purpose of writing but I mean to include males and females alike. Who knows yet?

In Red Deer Cave also known as Maludong in the Yunnan Province of Southern China human remains were found in 1989. There were at least five individuals there. They seem to be the same as a partial skeleton encased in stone in Guangxi Province in 1979. Scientists are just now getting around to studying them.

The skeletons are a human species. They lived between 11,500 to 14,500 years ago. This means that they lived at the same time as modern man.

They are described as having skulls that are an "unusual mosaic" of primitive features. They had a flat face, a broad nose, jutting jaw with no chin, large molars, a round braincase with prominent brow ridges, and thick skull bones. The brain itself was of moderate size.

Carbon dating has set the time when these people lived. That seems to exclude the possibility that they were Neanderthals and other ancient human species. But they don't resemble what we think of as modern man. So what are they?

There are various theories. Scientists are attempting DNA testing to see if any of them are the right one or if it's something else altogether.

One theory is that the Red Cave Dwellers are an entirely different species of human. If they are, that might give more credence to the Flores "hobbit" being a different species too. Because they lived in such an isolated area, scientsts don't believe the dwellers interbred with other types of humans.

Also put forth is that they migrated from Africa into Eastern Asia. Being away from the African humans they may have evolved differently. They seemed to have hunted a giant species of deer that is now extinct. Many bones of the deer were found in the cave. Tools from the antlers and bones of the deer were found. Stone tools were also found.

Another opinion is that they just look different. We know that people don't look alike, even within family groups. Then there are physical racial and climactic differences causing different looks. Maybe they are just people who don't look like us.

So what do you think? I'd like to know.



  1. I think they just look different. The same way as different races look different today.

    1. And that is one of the theories. Thanks for adding to the discussion.

  2. Evolution does not always travel in a straight line. This species may be an off shoot of one step in man's progression to modern times. A dead end street so to speak in our evolutionary past.

    1. Another good point. I like hearing another person's views. Somewhere in there is the fact.


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