What Am I?

A new Who Am I? is here. I don't know about you but I am having fun learning a little more about things I might have known just a bit about. I do hope that you will take the opportunity to look some of these things up. If you are interested in something all you have to do is a search for it and the internet will provide you with all sorts of information. As always you will have a week to guess what the object is. I will post the answer next week.

01. I am one of the world's greatest mysteries. No one is sure where I came from or why. Theories include an ancient burial place, a formation made by space aliens, Druids, Beaker Folk, Greeks, and Atlanteans. Some also believe I was made by followers of King Arthur. I may also be a calendar or an astronomical tool.

02. I am made of two different types of stones... bluestones and Sarsen stones. Both may have come from hundreds of miles away.

03. I align with the midsummer sunrise, the midwinter sunset, and the most northerly setting and most southerly rising of the moon.

04. My outermost part is a ditch believed to have been dug using deer antlers.

05. The chalky rubble taken from the ditch was then used to create a bank inside the circular ditch.

06. Inside the bank circle are 56 shallow holes. These holes may have been used as burial places for cremated remains.

07. Parallel upright stones were placed in a circular pattern, although not necessarily at the same time. The stones are placed so that the larger part faces the center of the circle.

08. There is some evidence that an inner circle of stones was also built. This is only supposition at this time.

09. A horizontal capstone known as a lintel was placed to connect two upright stones at a time. They are secured in place by dovetail joints.

10. I am the property of the British Crown.

What Am I?


  1. Replies
    1. The first clue gave you a guess? Wow. I hope you are correct.

  2. I was expecting to be thinking about animals so after the first clue was confused and had to read it again..lol.

    I would sat Stone henge....but that is only because it is the only historical stone set up I know of on our land

    1. I enjoy confusing people. Please take a look next week to see whether your guess is a right one.

  3. Please Miss. I know Miss. It's Stonehenge Miss. Unless you're tricking and it's one of the lesser known henges.

    1. Put your hand down. I hear you. You never know if I give you a trick question. Perhaps you are right... perhaps not. You will know next week.


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