New York City Creates A New Frog

The truth is that the frog was not created in New York City. It was discovered there. An , no, it doesn't play pool. At least not that we know.
Normally we think of discovering new species of animals in the wilds of some exotic place so this is an interesting find. And they have been right there in the open all along.

Jeremy Feinberg of Rutgers University made the discovery. They are a breed of leopard frog but unrelated to any other species of leopard frog. At first it was thought that they might be a hybrid of some kind. Molecular evidence shows that is not the case.

Mr. Feinberg was surprised when he noticed that this kind of frog made a different noise. After all it looked like other leopard frogs. But instead of a long snoring sound it made a short, repetitive croak.

These frogs live in New York City and New Jersey. It is believed that the center of their population is at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

Many amphibians are reclusive and it would be easy to understand why they had not been identified. But these critters are very much out in the open. They just make a distince sound.

Now scientists are anxious to do further studies to more exactly identify the species. Then maybe they can give it a name.



  1. That is a fantastic little sculpture.

  2. Thanks. It caught my eye too. Reminds me of those dogs playing poker.


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