DON"T Litter

We've all been out enjoying our favorite scenic spots when suddenly we see that "man" has been there. How do we know that? By the mess he left. Not cleaning after yourself is a crime against our world. See that cute little black bear cub in the picture? Now see what happened to another black bear cub.

A hiker in Alaska was having a good time recently when he came upon an animal with its head stuck inside a plastic jug. The animal was covered with snow and the hiker was not sure what kind of animal it was. It's whole head was inside the jug.

The hiker considered what type of animal it might be for his own safety. He was sure it wasn't a marten. He was reasonably sure it was either a wolverine or a bear cub. Wolverines can be very dangerous so naturally the hiker was wary. He finally determined that is was a black bear cub that weighed about ten pounds.

The hiker was relieved that it would not be too difficult for someone to remove the jug. Knowing the correct way to act around wild animals he attempted to call wildlife authorities. Unfortunately his cell phone could not get reception in that area.

It looked like he was on his own. He looked around for the cub's mother. Mother bears are very protective. He didn't see any immediate danger to himself.

First the hiker tried to pull the jug from the cub's head. It didn't come off. Then he tried jiggling the jug loose. It didn't work. Who knew how much air the cub was getting?

As a last resort the hiker picked up the cub and held it in a secure position. He took his ice axe and carefully cut the jug loose.

The cub shook himself free and took off into the trees. The hiker had saved his life. If the cub had not been able to free himself he would have either smothered or starved. Any outlook was bad.

Any time you are out, leave no trace. This is our world. It is also the world of the plants and animals. It is extremely selfish and harmful to leave litter of any kind. This cub was lucky. Don't be the cause of another problem that might not turn out as well.



  1. as I read this, my heart beats fast worried for the hiker's life and the bear cub, glad both are safe now.

  2. It's just wrong that something like this even happens. All people need to do is treat the outdoors the same way they treat their homes.


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