There's Snow On The Fields

Snow. Many of you can see it just by looking out your window. It's just that time of year. There is no snow for me right now though. Oh sure, I expected to be buried in snow by this time, but it has yet to make that big of an appearance. And honestly, I wouldn't be too disappointed if the white stuff decided to stay away altogether around here, but I still like poems about it.

There's snow on the fields
by Christina Rossetti, 1830-1894

There's snow on the fields,
And cold in the cottage,
While I sit in the chimney nook
Supping hot pottage.

My clothes are soft and warm,
Fold upon fold,
But I'm so sorry for the poor
Out in the cold.


  1. Replies
    1. @sm
      I found this poem weeks ago, and I thought I would be seeing snow on the fields here too, but there is none yet.

  2. beautiful poem, and that picture with the snow flurries on air is awesome. happy weekend, Ratty.

    1. @betchai
      The picture is one that was featured awhile back on The Everyday adventurer. I like reusing those as often as I can.

  3. That is a beautiful poem. We haven't had as much snow this winter as we usually do, looks like a mild winter all over.

    1. @SquirrelQueen
      I'm glad for the mild winter. I don't know if this is good for the farmers around here, but I like it a lot.

  4. our moments of joy can make us think that it isn't a joy for everyone.

    1. @thepowmill
      The one thing I think after reading this poem is that it's good to be alive, for everyone no matter what our situation.


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