The Shortest Month

Leap Day! The shortest month of the year is one day longer today. Every four years we are blessed with this extra day. We have a poem today to celebrate this shortest month, and I think this is the perfect day to do that. When you're done reading the poem click on the photo. I took it myself a few years ago on a particularly beautiful February day.

The Shortest Month
by Adeline Whitney, 1824-1906

Will Winter never be over?
Will the dark days never go?
Must the buttercup and clover
Be always hid under the snow?

Ah, lend me your little ear, love!
Hark! 'tis a beautiful thing;
The weariest month of the year, love,
Is shortest and nearest to spring.


  1. A lovely poem...i always look forward to getting February out of the way and seeing Spring arrive in all it's glory!!

  2. That's what I'm asking today as we get more snow.

  3. I had a friend turn 15 today and he is way older than me.


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