But It's Too Cold Out

Winter is here. It has been a mild winter but it is still cold outside. I know I just want to stay in and wrap myself in a nice warm blanket and read a good book while I drink a nice cup of tea. However I need to get out once in a while. And so do children. They need the fresh air and the fun. An added benefit is that when they come in to warm up afterward they will just want to rest and be quiet.

The thing is how to get them to go out in the first place. Plan some activities for them. A few suggestions will get them started and they will take it from there.

Try a game of freeze tag. The person who is "IT" must tag one of the others. When that person is tagged he or she "freezes" in whatever position he or she is in when tagged. After all the kids are frozen a new "IT" is chosen and the fun starts all over. A camera is handy for an adult to have to take pictures of the poses.

Why not make a feeder? A long piece of thread or fishing line is the place to start. Before the children go out, have them string popcorn, berries, and cereal. Then they can go out and wrap the string around a tree or bush. It is colorful and the animals and birds will be thankful.

Perhaps the little ones can carve apples into apple people. You have seen the ones that they make into dolls after they dry and shrink. But after they carve them have them hang them from a tree like ornaments. They are fun to look at and again animals will enjoy them. Watching them come to feed will occupy the children when they are inside.

If you are in an area where there are animal tracks, the children will have fun tracking. They all like to feel as if they will capture a wild animal. See if they can identify the animal from the tracks it leaves.

After dark in the winter is some of the best time for stargazing. It seems as if the air is cleaner and crisper and the stars are brighter when it is cold. Maybe some constellations will be identified. The big dipper is usually the easiest to begin with.

A winter hike is an experience that will not be forgotten. Barren trees, evergreens, berries, animal and bird tracks, snow, ice, frozen and partially frozen water, and icicles are just a few of the things you might see. If you live in the city, a walk around the block is fascinating. Compare how Mrs. Brown's flower bed looks in winter and summer.

Take some maple syrup outside. Draw pictures in the snow if it is deep enough. The syrup will freeze into the snow and make a delicious sweet treat.

These are just a few ideas. Feel free to use them or make your own. Snow angels are fun at any age. Do remember to take the children indoors before they are frozen themselves. Have a nice warm cup of cocoa and maybe a grilled cheese sandwich to warm them inside. You will all have fun.


  1. I love to take my children out....even if it's as simple as just letting them jump in puddles they have always loved it. I don't think a lot of children get out enough these days but I think that is essentially down to the parents...activities don't have to be expensive, involve a car...or be further than your neighbourhood. So many adults need re-educating about what can be fun...and healthy and it would probably do the adults just as much good as the kids!!

    1. I agree. Some of my fondest childhood memories are full of mud. Nature is everywhere. We are nature too. All we need to do is step outside. Thank you for commenting.

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    1. Thank you. I would love to be able to say they are from my brain alone but of course they are not. A parent only needs a fun idea to get the children out into the yard. They will invent things to do after that. Snowball fights are often a result. I did see that some parents make snowballs and color them with food coloring. They then hide them and the children can use them for a war. I just worry that the coloring might stain clothing. Your comments are always appreciated.

  3. I miss those snowy days with the kids.

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  5. Why not embarraass your EHS George and his lovely mother and have a day of child-like fun? It is great fun and you might get a hot meal from it. There is also the excuse for a good hot toddy to warm the bones before bed. Thank you for commenting.


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