White Fields

Here we are in the middle of winter. Many of us haven't had quite as much snow as we expected, but it's still the coldest season of the year. Some of us like snow and some of us are glad not to have much of it around. But snow can be one of the best things to have when we go outside to just have fun. So our Nature Poem this time is dedicated to snow.

White Fields
by James Stephens, 1909

In the winter time we go
Walking in the fields of snow;
Where there is no grass at all;
Where the top of every wall,
Every fence and every tree,
Is as white, as white can be.

Pointing out the way we came,
Everyone of them the same--
All across the fields there be
Prints in silver filigree;
And our mothers always know,
By our footprints in the snow,
Where the children go.


  1. Your poem reminds me of a funny experience as it relates to tracks in the snow. Thanks for the inspiration and sparking the memory. I think I'll go write a little post.

    1. @thepowmill
      I'm glad the poem sparked your memory. These poems have inspired parts in my posts many times over at The Everyday Adventurer.

  2. i miss snow, it has been a very dry season here, expecting for some Pacific storms. that's a very beautiful winter picture.

    1. @betchai
      It was dry here too until last night. We just got a few inches of snow dumped on us. I'm glad it wasn't more.

  3. I like that poem. We have lots of white stuff right now but the freezing rain came after the snow. The cats and other critter walk on it but it's too hard so there are no tracks.

    1. @SquirrelQueen
      Freezing rain and ice aren't fun at all. If I have to have anything I'd rather just have snow.


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