What Am I?

I am giving you something new to Nature Center Magazine. It is a fun little quiz. I will give a few clues to something you will find in nature. You can guess what the object is. I tried to decide the best way to let you know if your guess is right and I decided to add it to the end of next week's post. It is a long time to wait but unless you can come up with a brilliant way to present it that is the way it will be. Guess away and good luck. No prizes, just fun.

01. I have a bill and webbed feet.

02. I have horny spurs inside my hind leg ankles.

03. I live near fresh water.

04. If I am a male my horny spurs are venomous.

05. I have a wooly coat.

06. If I am a female I lay from 2 to 4 soft, leathery eggs at a time.

07. After two weeks the young hatched from the eggs drink milk provided by the mother.

08. I have a broad flat tail.

09. I am a bottom feeder, eating insects, larvae, shellfish, and worms.

10. In 1798 my pelt and a sketch of me was sent to Great Britain. Everyone concluded that I must be a hoax.



  1. Replies
    1. This is a proper guess. Make sure to check next Tuesday's post to see if you are correct.

  2. I agree with SquirrelQueen, probably a platypus :-)

    1. Another proper guess, even if it is the same as the other one. I hope you check next week to see if you are right.

  3. The unusual narowed it down for me-platypus.

    1. Are there no people who are willing to risk a different answer? Next week will tell.

  4. Replies
    1. I am amazed that everyone is making the same guess. I wonder if you are all right or all wrong.


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