The Little Artist

Nature has a little artist right now. Do you know who he is? If you want to find out then you'll have to read today's nature poem I've brought to you after a long worldwide search. Over snow capped mountains. Down through dark caverns. From the north pole to the south pole. All over the surface of the Earth. I've looked far and wide to discover the identity of the little artist.

The Little Artist
unknown author

Oh, there is a little artist
Who paints in the cold night hours
Pictures for wee, wee children,
Of wondrous trees and flowers,--

Pictures of snow-capped mountains
Touching the snow-white sky;
Pictures of distant oceans,
Where pigmy ships sail by.

Pictures of rushing rivers,
By fairy bridges spanned;
Bits of beautiful landscapes,
Copied from elfin land.

The moon is the lamp he paints by,
His canvas the window-pane,
His brush is a frozen snowflake;
Jack Frost is the artist's name.


  1. I have always loved the stories and poems of Jack Frost and I have always been amazed of the intricacies in his work!!!

    This is a lovely poem.

    1. @allotments4you
      His artwork is indeed very good, and his cartoons aren't bad either.

  2. Sweet and whimsical side of Jack.


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