How To Make A Winter Bed

I have a wonderful site to share with you. It is named How To Make A Winter Bed. Powmill is from Ontario. She grew up there and is happily there still. She joyously shares her thoughts and experiences with us. Some of her experiences take me back to my childhood. Cold winters and glorious summers and other wanderings too. Let's see what she has to offer.

As to the name of the site, How to Make A Winter Bed, Powmill actually does. Her very first four posts are devoted to the proper way to make a comfy and warm bed to keep you warm in the winter.

Number one tells why it is necessary to have a warm bed in the winter. She tells of her father getting out of bed on cold winter mornings to light the stove and heat the house. Then he would run back to bed for a while until the house began to heat.

Number two shows the technique for getting into that nice warm bed. It really is an art form to do it right.She has a couple of methods but her favorite sounds like the most fun.

Number three then instructs us on the best way to snuggle down in the bed to maximize the heat. Anyone who lives where it gets cold knows that it is so important to be able to get warm as soon as possible in your bed. Then the trick is to stay warm. A clean well-made bed is a must.

Number four is really just a bit of fun. Powmill answers complaints about the winter bed. I'm afraid she is being just a tad sarcastic here.

When the weather gets warmer, Powmill stages an experiment. She decided to see how long it would take ants to devour a piece of half-eaten taffy from her doorstep. She watched as the first ants tentatively checked it out. Then they sent for reinforcements. They began to eat and move the candy. She noticed that they got it to the anthill rather quickly. However a storm was brewing and they finally had to save themselves. After the rain a wet piece of candy had completely sealed the opening to the ant hill. After a total of nine days, the candy finally disappeared. Now I only gave you the link to the final day of the experiment. You will have to look back a few days to see the whole thing.

Toward the end of summer, Powmill had a new project. Apparently her brother has the house her parents had owned. He was refurbishing the part that was a log cabin made of white pine logs. They had quite an adventure as they peeled away 160 years of layers. They found paint, wallpaper, old newspapers, packaging materials, and so many memories. It was like a treasure hunt.

Winter comes again. This time Powmill has some videos to share. My favorite is the ice volcano on Lake Michigan. You might also enjoy the ice balls in Lake Michigan too.

Please go take a look at How To Make A Winter Bed. Powmill has a marvelous sense of humor and so many interesting things to share. I had such fun going through this site. When you are finished, leave her a very nice comment before you leave. Please tell her Emma sent you. Her link is below. She also has two other blogs that are worth seeing.

How To Make A Winter Bed

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    1. I know you will enjoy it. Thank you for commenting.

  2. What a lovely site...i haven't check out the whole thing yet but will definitely be going back again soon.

  3. Isn't it entertaining? Thank you for your comment.

  4. Oh my goodness! You are most generous in your comments about my little blog. I am overwhelmed. As a nature blog it may leave much to be desired in the stats and facts department. But , all things begin with a little realm, a smidgen of curiosity and the willingness to take the time to observe with one's own eyes.

    I only hope that whoever drops by enjoys ,as much as I , seeking out those places where there is something to see and learn . Nature Centre Magazine and the Everyday Adventurer are two of my favourites.

    1. I cannot believe that you don't think you have a nature site. You write about dealing with nature in your part of the world. Nature is not just about hiking or bird watching or studying animals. It is the way we, as humans, interact with the world around us. Nature how we see our world whether it is an igloo, a penthouse overlooking the ocean, or a comfy little house in the suburbs. You have a wonderful nature site. The next site I am choosing is really different. I hope you like it. And thank you for commenting.


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