The nature poem I'm bringing to you this week is in honor of the month of January. It is about a little chickadee. These birds love the winter months, and many times they are the only birds you can find in the cold. chickadees are some of the prettiest and friendliest little birds you  might ever see, and their cheerful little calls are every bit as good as their looks.

by Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803-1882

Then piped a tiny voice hard by,
Gay and polite, a cheerful cry,
"Chick-a-dee-dee!" a saucy note
Out of sound heart and merry throat
As if it said, "Good day, good sir!
Fine afternoon, old passenger!
Happy to meet you in these places
Where January brings few faces."


  1. I saw 6 come to a feeder at a ranger station near me

  2. we don't have one on our place thanks for visiting

  3. @Jean
    Me too!

    @Out on the prairie
    That makes me want to get a feeder for these little guys.

    @Fit and Fashion Mom
    You can see them and many other animals you may not have right here.

  4. My all time favorite bird. They've cheered many a January day for me too.

  5. @Country Mouse Studio
    They're also one of my favorites too. I love these friendly little birds.


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