Yeti Crabs

Yeti crabs? What does that mean? A yeti crab is a crustacean found in the Pacific Ocean. It has an abundance of silky blonde setae covering its legs and claws making them look furry like a yeti. These crabs live deep in the ocean so they are white and blind. Is that all that makes them different? Nope. Read a little more and see.

The first yeti crabs were found near the boiling hot hydrothermal vents south of Easter Island. Then a few years ago scientists discovered a new species of yeti crab living in cold fissures that give off methane in the deep ocean near Costa Rica.

Scientists were puzzled by the seemingly mindless rhythmic waving of the claws. Upon further study they discovered that these crabs eat bacteria. But where do they find bacteria so deep in the ocean?

It turns out that they grow their own. Their silky blonde hairy looking appendages are the bacteria farms that feed them.

And that is the reason they wave their claws. It seems that they are moving the bacteria through the water in order to pick up the nutrients the bacteria need to survive.

Then the yeti crabs use special appendages in their mouths to harvest the bacteria and eat it. Mmm-mmm.

Yeti crabs give a small idea of the way animals adapt to environment in order to survive.



  1. A unique individual,I had never heard of them

  2. amazing how many things exist we have yet to learn about. This one's new to me

  3. People who study animals are finding new ones all the time. We live in an interesting world. Glad both of you stopped by.


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