Table Mountain

Now we've made it to another of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. This time our Cool Nature Video features a time lapse video of South Africa's Table Mountain. Seeing the clouds touch down on the mountain is fascinating. And if you watch really close you can see the cable car going up and down, to and from the mountain.

"The flat top of the mountain is often covered by orographic clouds, formed when a south-easterly wind is directed up the mountain's slopes into colder air, where the moisture condenses to form the so-called "table cloth" of cloud. Legend attributes this phenomenon to a smoking contest between the Devil and a local pirate called Van Hunks." - Wikipedia

This video was uploaded to YouTube on December 15, 2006 by czaduck. If you can't see the video above, we also have a link to the YouTube page for this video.

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  1. I must say amazing work by you and the contributors here. By posting articles and maintaining this site you are providing the nature lovers with the beautiful nature related articles and wonderful shots they'd enjoy.


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