On The Bridge

I love bridges. They have always been some of my favorite things. It doesn't matter what size they are, but I especially like the ones I can walk across and even loiter there at the middle. My favorite kind of bridge is the kind with water, preferably a small stream, running underneath. Then I can stand there and watch the water and all that's in it flow by.

On The Bridge
by Kate Greenaway, 1846-1901

If I could see a little fish--
That is what I just now wish!
I want to see his great round eyes
Always open in surprise.

I wish a water-rat would glide
Slowly to the other side;
Or a dancing spider sit
On the yellow flags a bit.

I think I'll get some stones to throw,
And watch the pretty circles show.
Or shall we sail a flower boat,
And watch it slowly--slowly float?

That's nice--because you never know
How far away it means to go;
And when tomorrow comes, you see,
It may be in the great wide sea.


  1. i love bridges too, they are magical that being there brings us the inspiration that everything is interconnected, love the flowing water too, have a happy new year to all of you in nature center magazine.

  2. wouldn't that make a wonderful children's story book

  3. @betchai
    Bridges really are a wonderful thing. You have a Happy New Year too!

    @Country Mouse Studio
    I never thought of it, but it really would.

  4. I love covered bridges!

    Happy New Year to Nature Center Magazine!!!

  5. @Jean
    I do too. This is the only one I've ever had the privilege of walking on. You have a Happy New Year too!


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