I am going to try to keep you as informed as I can about our missing members. I know that I miss them terribly and not just because I feel alone here. I may not have weekly updates but I will share information as it becomes available to me. Hopefully I will not have to do this for much longer.

Copas has said he will try to have a post ready for next week. He is home and his horse was very happy to have him back. If he can get caught up in time, I think we might get something from him soon.

Rob is chomping at the bit to come back. I love him dearly, BUT... Rob tends to come on a little too strong for me. I have told him he would have to wait for Ratty. At this stage of my life I prefer to limit unpleasant encounters. You would not know it from his writing but he really is a nice person.

Ratty is dealing with so much right now. I know he is anxious to return. His father is doing well for now but he requires a lot of Ratty's attention. Perhaps if Ratty can get a routine of some kind established it will be easier, but who knows? The problem will be that as his father gets worse, the routine will have to change. Ratty keeps hoping to make an appearance but so far just hasn't been able to do it. We will keep hoping for a word from him.

I hope I have been able to provide a bit of entertainment for you in Ratty's absence. I'll continue to give it a try until Ratty returns. Please step outside and breathe in some healthy fresh air. Maybe you will see something interesting.


  1. How would I go about getting a post to you Emma. I would like to have a go at a nature post.
    You are doing very well at being the editor.
    Best wishes to Ratty.

  2. It's ok. I found the information I needed.

  3. aw, wanna give you a hug. It's all good, no worries. And I appreciate the get out and smell the fresh air message. =)

    I totally get it re: minimizing negative stuff in one's life. That's a HUGE thing for me re: my friends and my fabulous, +ve husband.

    Heard on radio about if you HAVE to interact w/someone who is v. negative in person ('cause 1st step she recommended is get them out of your life if possible) literally stand with your body sideways to them. She said it's amazing the degree to which this can allow their negative energy flow past you.

    Very recently I saw a professional football player getting v. seriously screamed at by his coach, and the player averted his eyes from the coach, and kept turning his body sideways to him, and walking away. Case in POINT! Very much a basic, mammal move.

    You need to take care of you first, and your compatriots are allowed to have lives & attend to their needs. =)

    We'll be here. xoxoxo

  4. Thank you all for being interested in what is going on in the lives of Nature Center Magazine people. We all appreciate it. Standing sideways is a good idea. I will definitely use it.

  5. Emma, Thanks for the update on Ratty and his Dad.

    Hope he knows that he is being missed.

    Is there anyway we can help?

  6. It is so good to hear something about Ratty.

  7. Thank you for being concerned. I'm sure the support you send is giving him extra strength.

  8. thanks for the update Emma, glad to know Ratty's father is doing well right now, and am glad to see you stepping up to keep this site going.

  9. Thnak you, Betchai. I am grateful to all who are staying with us at the magazine. It is a worthwhile project and a labor of love for all of us here.


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